Harrison Ford Celebrates Ke Huy Quan’s Oscar Nom: ‘He Was a Wonderful Actor’ in ‘Indiana Jones‘ 38 Years Ago, and ’He Still Is’ Now

Harrison Ford is over the moon about Ke Huy Quan earning an Oscar nomination, the first of the latter’s career. Quan is nominated in the supporting actor category for his performance in “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” which has already garnered him prizes from the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards. Quan got his start

What the Cast of Princess Bride is Doing Now

Want to learn more? As you wish...

These are the six children of Madonna

17 'Titanic' Characters With Their Real-Life Counterparts

James Cameron could really have made this movie six hours long.

Rules You Didn't Know Contestants on 'The Voice' Have to Follow

Singers don't get to choose their own songs?! Since 2011, The Voice has remained a fan-favorite singing competition, known for the hilarious banter between all of the A-list singers who've sat in those famous spinning red chairs. The premise is simple: If an artist passes the blind audition, they choose their celebrity coach and move on to the competition part of the show. If contestants want to bring home the $100,000 prize and a record deal with Universal Music Group, though, they have to work hard — and follow a set of rules. From what goes on behind the scenes during the battle rounds to the contestants' intense wardrobe makeovers, read on to learn everything there is to know about appearing on The Voice.

Funny facts that will brighten your day

Did you know that mice are ticklish? Or that goats have accents? Or that the actors who voice Mickey and Minnie Mouse are actually married in real life? Learn about these happy facts, and many more, in the following gallery. Click through and try not to smile as you read these.

Former 'Saturday Night Live' and 'Happy Endings' star welcomes third child, more stars who used surrogates

See which Hollywood stars and other celebrities have used surrogates to grow their families.

Rare Vintage Photos of Lucille Ball's Life at Home

Peek inside the actress's longtime Beverly Hills house, beloved San Fernando Valley ranch, and luxe Manhattan apartment.

George Clooney Tells Jimmy Kimmel He Suffered From Bell’s Palsy As A Teenager: ‘Half Of My Face Is Paralyzed’

George Clooney just shared a vulnerable insight into his younger years. The 61-year-old actor was recently on the 20th-anniversary episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” where Kimmel took the actor down memory lane. Clooney explained how at one point in his middle school years, the actor was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, which causes one side of

What’s Leaving Netflix: February 2023

Scream 4, Sorry to Bother You, Shutter Island, and more.

Anne Jakkaphong, the transgender woman who presides over Miss Universe

Todd Chrisley's daughter, mother visit him during first week in prison, more news ICYMI

Shailene Woodley was in a 'dark' place after Aaron Rodgers split, new Jeremy Renner snowplow accident details revealed, more news for late January 2023.

35 Rare Photos of Drew Barrymore Through the Years

Born into an acting family, Drew has been charming us since she was a little kid.

Daughter of 'The Sopranos' actor is gone at 25, leaving a baby girl behind: Stars who've lost children in recent years

Jack Wagner, Regina King, Sinead O'Connor, Nick Cannon, Chris Daughtry and more stars said goodbye to their kids in 2021 and 2022.

Wild Throwback Photos of Celebrities Celebrating New Year's Eve

If a star wasn't partying at LAVO in 2007, what were they EVEN DOING?

What Your Favorite Child Stars Look Like Now

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Austin Butler, awarded for 'Elvis' - but which actor played the King of Rock 'n' Roll best?

15 Rare Photos of Betty White When She Was Young

The Golden Girls star turns 98 this month!

Ivanka Trump has a peaceful transfer of power, more funny photos for January 2023

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Michael Wentworth sentenced to life in prison

Nearly 25 years after his vicious crime spree began, Michael Wentworth was convicted of two counts of first degree murder and other charges on Friday.

The Most Popular Wedding Song the Year You Got Married

Everyone was cutting loose in '84.

A Clip of Prince Harry’s ‘60 Minutes’ Interview Is Here, and It’s Incredibly Dramatic

“There becomes a point where silence is betrayal.”

CBS mic'ed up Max Homa during the Farmers Insurance Open, and it was a great viewing experience

Thanks to Max Homa and CBS, golf fans were treated to a spectacular 15 minutes of television on Friday. During the third round of the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines in California, Homa agreed to let CBS mic him up on the par-5 13th hole. Homa, who was in fourth…

The most controversial songs of all time

From drug references to other explicit content and verbal assaults on the authorities, some songs set out to be controversial. Others accidentally stumble into that dangerous territory. Musicians occasionally make songs to challenge beliefs or express something that shocks listeners, which can even result in the loss of fans. Dubious lyrics have also caused artists to be banned or censored on radio and TV, bringing the controversy to a new level. Want to discover the most controversial songs of all time? Then click through the gallery.

The Wild Ways Nicolas Cage Blew His Whole $150m Fortune

From a multimillion-dollar quest to find the Holy Grail to a stolen dinosaur skull, how Nicolas Cage spent all his money and ended up broke.

Trans TikTok Star Dylan Mulvaney Reveals Results Of Facial Feminization Surgery

Dylan Mulvaney is putting her best face forward. On Friday, Jan. 27, the transgender TikTok star, actor and social media influencer took to Instagram to share a big reveal. In a video she posted for her 1.1 million followers, Mulvaney shows off the results of her recent “facial feminization” surgery. View this post on Instagram

'Real Housewives' star remarries her ex-husband, plus more celeb weddings of 2023

Take a look back at all the celebrity couples who got married in 2023 -- or whose weddings came to light this year.

The 63 Shortest Celebrity Marriages

From Britney Spears’s 55-hour marriage to Kim K. calling it quits after just 72 days.

Ben and Erin Napier Tell What It Was Like to Be Their Own Clients

Their country home renovation airs tonight in the season six premiere of Home Town.

It’s Becoming More Likely That the Sussexes Will Be Stripped of Their Titles, Says a Royal Source

The royals see stripping the Sussexes’ titles as a way to “strike back.” 😳

So, Apparently, Meghan Markle Won’t Be Writing That Tell-All Memoir After All

The more you know!

'Yellowstone' Fans, We Found Your Next Favorite Shows

We know what we're doing this weekend... Yellowstone was the most-watched show on TV last year, and for good reason. The Dutton family drama truly has it all, from drama to action to romance. And we can't get enough of that gorgeous Montana setting. But if there's one thing the show doesn't have, it's enough episodes to keep us occupied! And even though season 5 came back on November 13 with a whopping 14 episodes, we still are left wanting more. That's where this list comes in! We rounded up 20 shows worth watching if Yellowstone left you yearning for more family drama. Where some of the shows portray the same Wild West ideals (hello, Deadwood and Longmire), others (like The Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy) hone in on the crime and family drama aspects that Yellowstone viewers have come to know, love, and expect with each episode. The good news? All of these shows are available to stream online through apps like HBO Max, Netflix, Paramount+, Prime Video, and Hulu. Now, as we wait for November 13, the only question is which show will fill the void?

Western celebrities born or raised in India

Did you know that two of Hollywood's most famous actresses from the Golden Age of Cinema were born in India? Or that the author of the bleak dystopian novel 'Nineteen-Eighty Four' also hails from the subcontinent? Actually, you'll be surprised at how many Western celebrities come from this vast nation. Click through and find out the British and American stars born or raised in India.

Of course the M&M’s spokescandies change was actually a Super Bowl stunt

This is the world we live in

Everett Quinton Dies: Downtown NYC Theater Pioneer And Champion Of The Ridiculous Was 71

Everett Quinton, a staple of New York’s post-1960s downtown theater scene and diligent standard-bearer for the outrageously campy and hilariously melodramatic style of performance known as the Ridiculous, died of glioblastoma January 23 in Brooklyn. He was 71. The actor-director’s death was confirmed to The New York Times by friend Julia Campanelli speaking on behalf

74 Celebrities and Their Vintage Doppelgängers

You won't believe these stars aren't related.

Former 'The Bachelorette' star announces surprise split from spouse of more than a decade, more of the reality show's leads then versus now

Catch up with former The Bachelorette leads in honor of the long-running reality show's 20th anniversary in 2023.

Graceland confirms who's inheriting Elvis Presley's estate following Lisa Marie's death: Look back at the hottest photos of The King early in his career

Celebrate what would have been Elvis Presley's 88th birthday with a look at the hottest photos of The King from early in his career.

Hollywood scandals that history forgot

Believe it or not, the Hollywood scandals of times gone by were even wilder than the ones we see today. Society was a lot more traditional than it is now, but that also meant that powerful studios and powerful men could get away with murder (perhaps literally)! That being said, female stars were just as prolific when it came to extra-marital affairs and drinking, so it wasn't all one-sided. The Golden Age of Hollywood lasted from the 1920s to the 1960s, but it wasn't a golden age for everyone. Click through this gallery to learn about the most shocking Hollywood scandals that time forgot.

30 films you have to watch once in your life

Figuring out exactly what you want to watch can be tough with so many options available. Whether it's Hollywood or foreign cinema, we have been given unforgettable stories and characters that have turned into modern classics. Be it romance, drama, or comedy, there are essential films that everyone must watch once in their lives. So, get your popcorn ready and click through this gallery of 30 films you just have to watch at some point.

Any restoration of Prince Andrew's reputation seems unlikely

Royal experts say Prince Andrew’s reputation is toast and will remain that way — regardless of what Virginia Giuffre does or doesn’t write about him in her upcoming memoir. Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told The Daily Mail that the resuscitation of Prince Andrew’s reputation will, “require a miracle.” Virginia Giuffre accused Andrew of abusing her sexually when she was a minor. The Prince has denied the allegations and has denied ever...

The Academy May Rescind Andrea Riseborough's Best Actress Oscar Nom, Insider Says

A new report claims that the Academy could revoke Andrea Riseborough's nomination for the Best Actress Oscar. Here's why.

Rare Photos From Princess Diana and Prince Charles' Wedding

It was described as "the royal wedding of the century."

Find Out Which Famous Actor Is From Your State

Who's your celebrity mascot?

Why Pamela Anderson Did ‘Baywatch’ Movie Cameo For Free: ‘There Was So Much Bullying’

Pamela Anderson is calling out the producers of 2017’s “Baywatch”. The actress, who played the iconic cultural icon C.J. Parker in the original 1989 TV series, says her cameo in the film was made under less-than-ideal circumstances. According to her, they hounded her relentlessly with phone calls. “It was becoming really, really awful. They said

Celebrities who have given up social media

Whether it be for a single day or several years, multiple big-name stars have opted to remove themselves from the world of social media and the social scrutiny that comes along with it. Britney Spears has taken breaks from social media every now and again, a right she has surely earned after gaining freedom from her oppressive conservatorship in 2021. However, when she suddenly deactivated her Instagram account on Jan. 24, certain fans began to worry. Some of them even made phone calls to the police as they feared for Spears' safety. This resulted in members of the Ventura County Sheriff's department showing up at her home later that night to perform a welfare check, and the Princess of Pop was none too pleased. Spears wrote a statement on Twitter on Jan. 26 asking fans not to overreact and to respect her privacy. “I love and adore my fans but this time things went a little too far and my privacy was invaded," she wrote. She went on to explain that news of the police showing up at her home triggered news headlines which once again portrayed her as unstable, even though the police "quickly realized there was no issue and left immediately.” She finished by asking that "the public and my fans who I care so much about can respect my privacy moving forward." Click through the following gallery to see other A-listers who've deleted their social media accounts.

The Royals Are Spiraling Over the Possibility of the Sussexes Attending King Charles’s Coronation

The royals are worried that whatever they say will “end up in paperback.”

40 Rarely-Seen Vintage Photos of the Royal Family

Relive some of the Windsors' lesser-known moments.

Charles Is "Playing a Clever Long Game" in Handling Harry and Meghan's Netflix Drama

Guess that Christmas speech snub was all part of the master plan? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The 14 Best-Dressed Stars at the 80th Annual Golden Globes

Including Rihanna, who made a fashionably late appearance.